Voiding the Void

April 26 & 27, 2019
Presented by CultureHub


Voiding the Void is an immersive HTC Vive VR installation by CultureHub Resident Artist Ana Knezevic. Viewers pass through virtual spaces in the installation, exploring shapes and sounds from afar and within. This movement triggers subtle shifts that offer the viewer new relationships to the virtual space they are in and the world they return to.

Read art historian Alexandra Lazar’s essay, Journey for a Prepared Mind, that examines Ana’s latest work.

Voiding the Void was developed within the CultureHub Residency Program.

Ana Knezevic - Lead Artist
Marija Milovanovic - 3D Visualization and VR Support
Alex Lashkhi - VR Programming

Sangmin Chae - Creative Technologist
Jean Garcia, Seth Newburg - Technicians
Billy Clark - Creative Producer
Mattie McMaster - Project Manager