Ana Knezevic



NEW YORK | 2018–2019

Ana Knezevic (Belgrade, Serbia,1976) completed her BFA/MFA degree in painting at the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia in 2002. She studied MFA in painting at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in 2003/04. Ana Knezevic creates light and sound installations and public projects that interconnect science, technology and art. By reducing visual elements, she brings new spatial experiences to viewers, heightening their awareness of the immaterial and invisible.

With CultureHub, she developed a new VR project, Voiding the Void, that explores invisible spatial realms and their possible interactions with real space. Voiding the Void will explore intersections of light, space, time and movement. Meditative sine wave sounds change pitch and volume in relation to the participant’s movement through the space, involving the viewer in a dialog between internal and external. The project is realized with architectural software 3D Studio Max, developed in Unity VR, and actualized in the HTC VIVE VR set.



 | 4:49