Mx. Oops



NEW YORK | 2018–2019

Mx. Oops is a multimedia performance artist focused on the intersection of urban arts and consciousness studies; rapping and dancing within audiovisual installations. A certified yoga instructor (500hr RYT) and practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage, they are also trained in various forms of energy healing. Their work has toured Kenya, China, Russia, the Netherlands, and has been presented in various NYC venues. Mx. Oops studied dance and religion at George Washington University and completed an Integrated Media Arts MFA at Hunter College. They currently teach in Lehman College's Dance (BA) and Multimedia Performing Arts (BFA) Programs.

With CultureHub, Mx. Oops developed Plasma, a queer utopia within reach and a multimedia performance project inviting ecstatic disobedience. Mx. Oops, master of ceremonies, weaves rap, vogue, and yoga philosophy into a hybrid nightclub spectacle. Performed within an interactive audio-video installation, this transmedia work includes: live performances, electronic music, and a clothing line. The synthesis of various urban dance forms with rap present seldom seen pop culture iconography; a genderqueer, breaking, vogueing, rapper, up in pumps.