May 31, 2019
Presented by CultureHub


Plasma is an evening-length multimedia performance ritual honoring the Divine Femme that will premiere at Dixon Place in December 2019. As the culminating performance of Mx. Oops' CultureHub residency, they will perform original music developed with vocal artist, STEFA*, and composer, Fingerplay. A meditational booty bass invocation will be followed by a audiovisual twirl, so bring your dancing shoes. 

Mx. Oops is a multimedia performance artist focused on the intersection of urban arts and consciousness studies; rapping and dancing within audiovisual installations. Currently a Resident Artist at CultureHub, they are also trained in various forms of energy healing.

Plasma was developed within the CultureHub Residency Program.

Mx. Oops - Video Design, Dance, Garments 
STEFA - Vocal Artist, Composer
Fingerplay - Composer 

DeAndra Anthony - Technical Director
Billy Clark - Creative Producer
Mattie McMaster - Project Manager