Benton C Bainbridge


Benton C. Bainbridge creates media art, performances and installations with custom digital, analog and optical A/V systems. Bainbridge applies the frameworks of music, dance, plastic arts, and decentralization tech to moving pictures. He has a “high touch approach to media art; Bainbridge’s artworks are handmade pixel paintings.

Bainbridge is a professor at School of Visual Arts where he teaches New Forms in Media in MFA Computer Arts Department. He collaborates with a wide range of artists, including media art design and performance for two Beastie Boys world tours, analog video synthesizer FX for TV On The Radio’s “Staring at the Sun” music video, and Whitney Museum’s best-attended live event with video ensemble The Poool.


Ghost Komungobot (2015) | In this interdisciplinary performance, Jin Hi Kim collaborates with acclaimed visualist Benton C Bainbridge to create an interactive and visually responsive performance. The artists used digital signal processing of Kim’s electric komungo, computer listening, and gesture recognition to create compositional and improvisational structures that interacted in real-time through MAX/MSP software. The work is a reflection of emerging aspects of American and Korean culture including robots, artificial intelligence, and explorations of multidimensional space in the universe. Ghost Komungobot was originally created at CultureHub for Refest 2015 and was co-produced by Harvestworks Digital Arts Center.

Global Groove 2 (2017) | Anton “vade” Marini, Benton C Bainbridge, and Tom Zafian, along with guests both near and far commemorate media artist Bill Etra through a 12-hour visual performance. Credited with helping to make video an art form through the invention of the Rutt-Etra synthesizer, Etra made seminal works alongside pioneers like Nam Jun Paik. Participating artists interpret Nam June Paik’s “Global Groove” TV art project for our socially mediated age, and celebrate Bill Etra’s contributions to the art and technology that have made this possible.

Pausa (2018) | The media art installation and realtime performance work Pausa is a collaboration by Benton C Bainbridge and flutist/composer Barbara Held. Pausa was presented in Sampler Series at L’Auditori as both an audiovisual concert with quadraphonic sound and as an AV installation on multiple channels. Pausa was developed in residencies at CultureHub and Andrew Freedman Home and is supported by SVA MFA Computer Arts Department. Held and Bainbridge co-designed the system, with custom audio software by Josep Aymi and Binary Pattern Generator by Brendan Byrne.

Undefined Spaces

Undefined Spaces is a behind-the-scenes look at artists' experiences as they create their own work. Through interviews and documentation of their projects, Undefined Spaces shares their unique perspectives and the struggles artists confront as they take risks and make new discoveries.

Undefined Spaces | Jin Hi Kim | 9:02