100 Year Plan

January 12, 2019
Presented by CultureHub Los Angeles


100 Year Plan is a live-cinema experience of a a near-future online variety show by two creatives who put everything into a path for digital success. Set to probe our physically and virtually hybridized minds in the midst of automation takeover, 100 Year Plan combines livestream performance, prerecorded videos, songs, websites and wearables into a humorous take on creative life in the era of late stage capitalism.

As the culminating experience of their CultureHub residency, Emotional.Store presented an exclusive livestream interview where the performance duo was “interviewed” about life, performance, and technology.

100 Year Plan was developed within the CultureHub Residency Program in Los Angeles.

Emotional.Store (Bailey Hikawa & Scotty Wagner) - Co-Creators
Ryan Penarroyo - Camera Operator
Candy Yi - Livestream Operator

Emotional.Store (Bailey Hikawa & Scotty Wagner), Scarlett Kim