Woody Pak



SEOUL | 2019–2020

An award winning, innovative composer, Woody creates music for film, commercials and pop music as well as theater and concert performances. He draws from an array of influences and tells musical stories while combining different genres, from rock and metal to hip hop and jazz to classical and sounds from around the world. Woody is a graduate of MIT and the Juilliard School.  He currently resides in Seoul, Korea where he is a Professor of Applied Music at the Seoul institute of the Arts.

At CultureHub, Woody is developing a new musical. His exploration centers on one song, Disconnected, which tells the story of a mother searching the universe for her daughter. Woody Pak’s original composition features Starr Busby as the lead vocalist with Heather Paauwe on violin and John Dyer on guitar. Directed by Billy Clark with cinematography by Sangmin Chae and Jean Garcia, the immersive video features performances by Starr Busby, John Gutierrez, and Yuna Clark.