Todd Anderson



NEW YORK | 2019–2020

Todd Anderson is a digital poet and web artist focused on building websites and Chrome extensions for use in live performance as both a solo performer and member of the digital performance group H0t Club. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Code + Liberal Arts at Eugene Lang College of the New School. He also helps run Babycastles, an indie-game gallery and event space, the Illuminator, a guerrilla projection collective and School for Poetic Computation, an artist-run creative tech school. He is perhaps best known as the host and curator of WordHack, the five-years-running language + technology talk series every third Thursday at Babycastles.

With CultureHub, Todd will develop HitchHiker, a Chrome extension designed to turn a user’s browser into a live performance venue. Under the guide's control, users enter a wild ride across the deep corners of the web, full of performative interventions, collaborative art, and interactions between audience members. Over the course of this residency, Todd will develop HitchHiker into a powerful, flexible tool to create performances that make the internet feel strange and surprising, much as it did when the web first started out.