The Return

Presented in partnership with Seoul Institute of the Arts and Sarah Lawrence College


The Return is a telematic puppetry performance developed and performed over distance by SeoulArts and Sarah Lawrence students. Conceived of by master designer and puppeteer Tom Lee (War Horse on Broadway and Madam Butterfly at the Metropolitan Opera), the piece was inspired by the work of Stanislaw Lem (Solaris), and synthesized traditional puppet forms, live video, and telepresence technology to create an evocative, poignant meditation surrounding the positive and negative repercussions of our accelerating development. The piece had live, in-studio audiences in New York and Ansan (Korea), and was livestreamed on

Tom Lee - Concept, Design, Direction
Josh Rice - Assistant Director
S.O. O'Brien - Video System, Telepresence Design
Lake Simon - Design Assistant
Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew - Lighting Design
John Dyer - Original Music
Billy Clark, Jose Estrella - Technical Direction

Eunjee Lee - Direction

Yoo Tay, Oh Jun, Jung Hyo Jin, Lee Sang Woo

Kim Ho Dong, Ok Do Il, Pyo Chang Woo, Lee Jae Hyun, Soon Yoo Yeon, Kim Ji Yae, Im Eun Joo, Song Yoon Kyu, Lee Sang Eun, Oh Myung Seok, Oh Myung Seok, Kim Jong Hoon, Choi Ji Young, Shin Soo Jung, Chung Yong Hee, Na Han Su, Yoon Jung Ju

Toby Lurio, Linh (Valerie) Pham, Hye Young Chyun, Kate Pincus-Whitney, Leah Ogawa, Brad Crownover, Storm Thomas, Maisie Wetton, Niva Alush, Juyoung Lee,Kim Sang Min, Kim Hae Jun, Kim Yae Won, Jung Hee Jin, Yoo Myung Jin, Lee Yae Chan, Lee Myung Gyu, An Young Sae, Jo Baek Han, Han Chul Soo, Lee Seung Hyun, Lee Eun Ji, Kwon Ha Jin, Kim Yoo Jin, Kim Jae Hyuck, Lee Poo Reum, Lee Han He