Serenade for the Moonstruck Boy

December 14 & 15, 2018
Presented by CultureHub in association with La MaMa and the Great Jones Repertory Company


CultureHub and La MaMa’s Great Jones Repertory Company reimagine Ruth Landshoff Yorck's 1966 stage poem, Serenade for the Moonstruck Boy. A man, a woman, an old person, a youth, a girl, a kid, and a small and silent dog on an elevator descend indefinitely into the unknown. Both liberated and confined, the dead pray to the living. 

Serenade for the Moonstruck Boy was performed live as a 360° online experience. Digital audiences can watch the production on computers, smartphones, and VR headsets.

Serenade for the Moonstruck Boy is part of an initiative between CultureHub and La MaMa to explore works from the La MaMa Archive and re-discover them in a new media context.

Ruth Landshoff Yorck - Playwright
Kim Ima & Jason Trucco - Directors
Billy Clark - Creative Producer, Set and A/V Systems Design
Yarie Vazquez - Technical Director
Sangmin Chae - Creative Technologist
Heather Paawue & John King - Music

Live Performers - Maura Nguyen Donohue, Sara Galassini, Jesse Hur, Agosto Machado, Mattie McMaster, Valois Mickens, Heather Paawue
Recorded Voices - Billy Clark, Yuna Clark, Sara Galassini, Kim Ima, Valois Mickens, Matt Nasser, Mia Yoo

 | 360° Livestream | 1:00:10