CultureHub's annual festival brings artists, activists, and technologists together to envision our role in re-shaping the future.



Presented in collaboration with Center for Constitutional Rights, Magnum Foundation, and NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program.

7:00pm | CultureHub
Free |

Thursday 3.14.19
7:00pm | Exhibition Opens, Performance by Yihan Chen
8:00pm | Performance by Ari Melenciano
8:30pm | Performance by Carrie Wang
8:45pm | Long Table Discussion with Mimi Yin, Nahal Zamani, Yihan Chen, and Carrie Wang

Friday 3.15.19
7:00pm | Exhibition Opens, Performance by Yihan Chen
8:00pm | Performance by Ari Melenciano
8:30pm | Performance by Mx. Oops
8:45pm | Long Table Discussion with Lisa Jamhoury, Aliya Hana Hussain, Lizania Cruz, Ari Melenciano, and Chester Dols
9:15pm | Set by Mx. Oops and Xavier Ryan

Saturday 3.16.19
7:00pm | Exhibition Opens, Performance by Yihan Chen
8:00pm | Screening of works by Mengwen Cao, Courtney Garvin, Xyza Bacani
8:30pm | Conversation with Simone Salvo, Mengwen Cao, Courtney Garvin, and The Authority Collective


Yihan Chen
Perfect Housewife is an installation and performance that examines the entrenched idea of the woman’s role as housewife in a family and society, specifically in the artist’s home country, China. Through clumsy, repetitive, strange, and even violent mechanical movements, she continues to do housework in loops with a toolkit of machines.


Lizania Cruz
We the News is a series of story circles with Black immigrants and first-generation Black Americans that are documented through zines and distributed publicly through a roaming newsstand. Created in partnership with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration with support by the Laundromat Project.


Soumya Sankar Bose
Inspired by the subconscious, Full Moon on a Dark Night shares stories from the artist’s LGBT friends in India – their rights, dreams, and desires. In a society that prevents them from living a ‘normal’ life, this work imagines a world in which freedom to live according to one’s own desires exists for all. Made with support by Magnum Foundation's Photography and Social Justice Fellowship. Soumya Sankar Bose, from the series Full Moon on a Dark Night © Courtesy of the Artist and sepiaEYE.


Mx. Oops
is a multimedia performance ritual honoring the Divine Femme. Rap, vogue, and general relativity collide in a lecture presentation turned hybrid nightclub spectacle. Mx. Oops, master of ceremonies, shares a excerpt of the evening-length performance, Polyrhythmic Disidentifications. Genres blend, genders bend, and nothing is certain.


Verónica Alfaro
36 out of 100 is a physical data visualization of 36% of women in the US who have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some point in their lives. The installation consists of a switchboard that contains a visualization of 100 women represented with circles, 36 of them have jacks that play a story when the user connects the phone.


Carrie Sijia Wang
Set in a futuristic, fictional world, The System presents the process of The Content Generator Qualification Test. The test loops in between three sections: Content Generation, Integration Reinforcement, and Subject Realignment, with each cycle getting progressively more intense than the previous one.


Ari Melenciano
Alaïa's Lab: Past | Present | Future is an audiovisual, living-breathing installation that uses visuals and sounds to discuss culture, identity, and politics. Over the two day period of installation and performance, the work moves from reflection, memory and political dissent to a vision for the future.

Crop_Presentation Vid.00_01_23_07.Still011-1.jpg

Courtney Garvin
Here for a Good Time and a Long Time looks at how sexual health, consent, and healthy relationships have been learned across four generations of women in the artist’s family through interviews. The video seeks to remove the taboo around sexual health and change the conversation with peers and younger generations. Made with support by Magnum Foundation.


Chester Dols
On Otherness and Queer Affect is designed to encourage conversations and raise awareness around biopolitics and queer issues. This interactive installation is composed of three gender fluid sculptures that exhibit life and sentience through light and sound. Each sculpture expresses a unique gender which can change and transition, depending on the viewers gaze.

Tong Wu and Barak Chamo
Panopticon creates an experience of being both observer and observed. A critique and wakeup call to the alarming prevalence of mass surveillance, Panopticon explores the invisibility of tracking and surveillance devices and how insensitive we have become toward privacy invasion. and
@tonggg_wu and @barakchamo


Carlie Yutong Zhang
Self Pool is an interactive installation where two fish sculptures are pitted against each other. Exploring the complexity of self where forms of expression and communication can be misunderstood, it's up to you to make the fish complete and save it from the automated fishing rod. Step into the pool and attempt to sort out the confusion.


Xyza Cruz Bacani
Migrant workers are like air, invisible but necessary. We Are Like Air challenges the stigma and stereotype of “helpless” victims, by focusing on the daily lives of survivors and those who take risks to escape exploitation and speak out against abuse. By protesting, these survivors spread awareness and encourage others to seek help and fight for justice.

mengwencao-refest (1).jpg

Mengwen Cao
Here We Are is a multimedia project exploring Chinese queer identity through letters, secrets, and family conversations. Only about 6% of LGBTQ people in China are completely open about their identity due to huge family and societal pressures. This project explores the hidden stories and amplifies the voices in this community.


Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne
Smell Dating is a dating service that matches you based on scent alone. There is a growing body of research that suggests a person's gender, age, and predisposition to illness may be detected from their "smell signature.” Smell Dating invites participants to trust their olfactory intuition and choose potential dates based on ancient molecular cues. and
@tegabrain and @sam_lavigne


Presented in collaboration with Heidi Duckler Dance and NAVEL.

Free | RSVP

Thursday 3.14.19
at CultureHub LA
1933 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90007

7:30pm | House Opens
8:00pm | Performance by Peter Mark & Scarlett Kim

Friday 3.15.19
1611 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

6:00pm | Group Exhibition Opens
7:00pm | Interactive Games with UCLA Game Lab
8:00pm | Performances
9:00pm | Interactive Games with UCLA Game Lab

Saturday 3.16.19
at Bendix Buildling / Heidi Duckler Dance 
1206 Maple Ave Ste 1100B
Los Angeles, CA 90015

7:30pm | House Opens
8:00pm | Performance by CultureHub LA, Heidi Duckler Dance & Large Shiva

Press Cropped.jpg

Scarlett Kim and Peter Mark
No Mouse Found is an animal body exercise by Scarlett Kim and Peter Mark. Using Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit as scaffolding and danger-room, they stage a heist against their physical and virtual selves as a strategy to shed their humanness and approach mousehood. and
@captainscarface and @nice_shapes


Transform is the collective work of artists from the Live Animation Production led by Bosul Kim at SeoulArts in South Korea. Using technologies such as video, animation, AR, and motion capture, the artists express and interpret the various changes experienced by themselves including generational, political, emotional and perceptual changes. Participating artists: Steven Ha, Seung Young Noh, Hye Jeoung Choi, Yeji Kim, Sieun Lee, Soeun Kim, Hayeon Cho, Jisun Park and Namkung Sol.


Sara Lyons
adapted from the published email correspondence by Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark, is an ongoing queer archival performance project tracking the intertwining development of genderqueer identity and e-mail communication since 1995. TOGETHER FEEL is a critical participatory performance exploring so-called "grey areas" of consent which asks how we come together - literally and figuratively - when violence lives in the shadow of pleasure.


Mi You
Touch of Birth is a VR animation that is reminiscent of our fetal stage. Using the VR technology, the story brings the viewer into the comforting space of a mother’s womb and let us remember the familiar sublime. Through this immersive experience, the viewers explore a series of processes in which one’s life is conceived and born, reminding us of the precious moments of a life.


Yoon Ah Jung
Living Water
is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane (Punkt und Linie zu Flache, 1926), which explains the role of the point, line, and other key symbols of non-objective paintings. In this hand drawn animation, lines are expanding from water and continuously grow and move like waves of the soul.


Mengyu Chen and Anshul Pendse
Transvergent Worldmaking
proposes an open, tolerant, combinatorial, and creative platform towards a future computational society and our network encounters with the unknown. This platform designs a collaborative software infrastructure, a multi-user environment, and a virtual sketchbook that holds ideas for how to make a global city. and
@mengyuchenchenchen and @anshulpendse

guitari-hero 01.png

John Brumley
Guattari Hero
is a one-player online shopping experience that replaces the busy, maximalist interface of with a 3D landscape generated by QR codes taken from the items users are shopping for. A virtual viewfinder shows the user Amazon-suggested related items; navigating to these items triggers a regeneration of the stage.

Crumb Lord 01.jpg

Eddo Stern
Crumb Lord is a playable communal dinner. Eight to ten eaters have to reach specific targets - edible items made with mysterious flavors and shapes. Each player is represented by an unknown flavor. The “Crumb Lord”, played by the cook, controls the targets and other game procedures, such as seasoning.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 10.54.38 PM.png

Miller Klitsner
A new take on the classic game of roshambo, Moshambo is a fast-paced dueler that exchanges the original elements of chance for temporal tactics as players lunge, morph, and retreat until their hands inevitably clash.

the invisibles.jpg

Jesse Scott, Caroline Ashkar and Kiana Alzate
The Invisibles features interviews with individuals who are experiencing homelessness and/or were chronically homeless at some point in the recent past.

Potential parents Dan and Peg invest their hopes in a robotic Trial Child named, Torrent. In this utterly ridiculous, put-all-your-faith in technology story, Trial Child: Nurture a Better Nature deconstructs the narratives we cling to in American life today and exposes those we actively try to avoid.

Leister_Rockhaven_Creepers3 copy.jpg

Elizabeth Leister
Inspired by Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s novel The Yellow Wallpaper (1932), Rockhaven Creepers Trilogy uses 360° video to bring the viewer into an abandoned sanitarium. Each room is inhabited by a dancer, whose movements embody the various “nervous disorders” considered particular to women when the book first appeared.


Weidi Zhang
Fantastic Shredder
is a Virtual Reality experience simulating the mechanism behind a paper shredder and reconstructing the shreds of Chinese 1980s posters based on fragmented Chinese characters. Addressing William S. Burrough’s ‘Cut-up technique’, the project results in a state of disequilibrium and dialogue between the reproduction of semiotics and machine.

P1166376 Cropped.jpg

Cordelia Istel
if the economy can reproduce itself then why oh why can't i
is a participatory installation and performance that attempts to map the cultural resource flows of any given gathering. Combining classical economic value theory and wishful thinking, the piece collects data while also proposing a labor-centered approach to building artistic/cultural infrastructure. An argument for the soil, fuck the flower.

Ddook Ddak Kimbap 01.jpg

Dahn Gim, Tyler Stefanich, and Alex Rickett
In Ddook Ddak Kimbap!, two teams attempt to build a spring roll by stealing ingredients from underneath the spinning Dokkaebi’s tentacles. If the Dokkaebi touches a player's chopsticks, irritating pop music and video is triggered, signaling the player’s defeat. The first team to steal enough to finish their spring rolls wins.
@gimda_, @tstefanich, and @alx_rkt‏

Goldenstern 02.jpg

Eddo Stern and Jon Haddock
is a pachinko-pinball game played amidst the the Stern-Hutchins-Atlas-Lynch-Lanister family trees. Goldenstern is part of a series of short-form computer games loosely bound by interpretations of portraiture in game form.  Visually, these games explore an expressionistic/eclectic aesthetic – the result of visual experiments and collaborations.


Gabbah Baya
Of Our Springs is a 3D Video Game Opera that uses Middle Eastern and American signs and symbols across two levels. The opera is performed in video game Arabic and Sims English. Deconstructing hegemonic symbols, Gabbah Baya recontextualizes them in the visual vernacular of video games into new spatial, visual, and sonic realities.

UCLA Arcade Backpack 01.jpg

David Elliott, Steven Amrhein, Eddo Stern, Tyler Stefanich, Alex Rickett, Jen Agosta
The Arcade Backpack was created as a mechanism to infiltrate public spaces with game art projects.The cabinet frame houses a laptop, arcade-style controls, and an illuminated LED marquee, all holstered onto a military grade back frame. Any willing back can become a guerilla game device.

Move to Love.png

Natalie Kellerman, Janice Boafo, and Jenae Suite
In More To Love, three fathers of color share their journey to discover the nobility of fatherhood. Through trials and tribulations, these heroes discuss barriers, transcendence, hope, and an undeniable love for their children.


Heidi Duckler Dance and Large Shiva
Nomadic Narratives maps stories from women performance artists onto the facade of the Bendix Building rooftop. Documentary videos of nomadic experiences intersect with live performances by Heidi Duckler Dance and Large Shiva, an improvisational orchestra, creating a kinetic collage that reflects the relentless, dynamic energy of Los Angeles.


Caroline Yoo
is an installation criticizing the rampant culture of Eastern Asian fetishism in the West. While the imagery on display may play into the male’s sexual fantasy, the emotions captured express the discomfort, anger, despair that the artist feels while having to live in this colonial reality.


Kam Ying Lee
Projection designer for Nomadic Narratives, Kam Ying (Kamyi) Lee is an interdisciplinary artist and video designer who is interested in contemporary and experimental uses of digital media in art installations and live performances. She forges new relationships between humans and their surroundings by integrating different uses of technologies into her designs.


Kristin McWharter
Party Rituals asks: How can the rituals and formalities of birthday, graduation, retirement celebrations etc. reinterpret our social contracts within virtual spaces? Using consumer games and objects that facilitate and choreograph behavior during times of celebration, such as party blowers, noise makers, pin the tail on the donkey, bobbing for apples etc. the project speculates on how the manipulation of these forms could produce new methods of social interaction.

ulitsa-dimitrova 03.jpg

Lea Schönfelder and Gerard Delmàs
In Ulitsa Dimitrova, Piotr is a homeless seven-year-old child living on the streets of St. Petersburg. While exploring the environment, the player must help Piotr satisfy his craving for cigarettes through trade and petty crime. There is no way to win this game — but if Piotr stops moving, he will not be able to withstand the brutal Russian cold.

horsegame 03.png

Adeline Ducker and Nick Crockett
Turn miles into money by guiding animal-corpse-beings to their destinations across winding city streets. Aided by a magic pocket mirror, players examine a map of a surrounding city loosely resembling a medieval Westwood Village and deliver as many creatures as possible in five minutes.
@nkrkit and @_spacesoup

Sandswitch 01.jpg

Hsinyu Lin, Lilyan Kris, and Sofia Staab-Gulbenkian
In Sandswitch, players attempt to build a sandwich that matches a stereotypical type of foodie; however, ingredients on the board are limited. Players attempts to sabotage one another for choice ingredients and can strategize towards stealing another sandwich in progress. The goal is to create the tastiest sandwich your identity will allow.


Steven Amrhein, John Brumley, Amanda Ho, Alex Rickett
Holla’ Pain Yo is a competitive game in which two teams competitively drink painfully spicy jalapeño water in order to lighten their bucket at the end of a shared seesaw. The first team to stomach enough water will cause the seesaw to tilt upwards and pop a balloon hovering above their bucket, signaling victory.

Buen Provecho.png

Elizabeth Huesca, Jason Lipeles and Monica Ramirez
Buen Provecho is a film produced by Master of Social Work students who took the class Media in Social Work at the USC School of Social Work to create short documentaries for social change.