Read To Me

Presented by CultureHub

Google Cloud, Electric Literature


Read To Me creates a space that visually reacts to words being read aloud. CultureHub Resident Artist Maxwell Neely-Cohen conceived of the tool as something that could be applied to live readings the same way new media visuals are so often applied to music. Using Unity and Google Cloud's speech-to-text API, Max collaborated with writers, technologists, and game designers to prototype a visual-poetic synthesizer that transfigures spoken words into visuals.

Read To Me was developed within the CultureHub Residency Program.

Maxwell Neely-Cohen - Lead Artist
Sam Von Erhen - Unity Development
Dennis Carr, Flan Falacci, and Milan Koerner-Safratta - Game Designers
Oren Shoham - Programming Support
Yarie Vazquez - Lead Technician

Rhiannon McGavin, Meghann Plunkett, Angel Nafis, and Jeremy O. Harris

 | Read To Me | Jeremy O. Harris | 3:51