Parch Es & Eric Fanghanel



LOS ANGELES | 2019–2020

Parch Es and Eric Fanghanel are media artists from Mexico City currently based in Los Angeles. Their work draws from a wide range of disciplines—from painting, performance, and poetry to social relations to virtual reality—in order to build assemblages: a word that means both 'collage' and 'network'. Theirs is a fluid art of moments placed together by contingency.

With CultureHub, Parch and Eric will develop (elradicante), a nonlinear form of digital storytelling incorporating VR technology. It will take place in a performative and immersive environment that organically traverses platforms and spaces while specifically engaging with medium and location, transforming to adapt and incorporate its surroundings. The project is a pirate ship: it is a way to take dreams and a way to see, to make rules, to build and collect treasures, and to travel with them around the world, transforming and re-articulating its form and identity according to the configuration of the spaces where we find ourselves, the communities we encounter, and to create a piece that exists always in negotiation with its context and with its environment, yet that remains profoundly our own vehicle.