Matt Romein


Artist Statement

Advancements in creative technology, both hardware and software, have given rise to an expanding medium of technology-enabled and assisted live performance. As both an artist and an educator, I have seen the development of cross disciplinary approaches to live performance that straddle contexts as varied as music concerts, dance, theater, performance art, puppetry, and lectures.

My hope is to further develop my own practice in computer generated audio visual performance, culminating in an evening length performance presented at CultureHub as well as develop a performance showcase inviting new and young artists to present their work in short form format at CultureHub. By curating artists from a variety of contexts and backgrounds the showcase will allow both the artists and audience to engage and encounter new ideas of what technology-based performance can be and how it can be presented.


Matt Romein is an artist and performer working at the intersection of live performance, generative computer art, and multimedia installation. Originally trained as an actor, he has worked extensively in NYC’s downtown theater and dance community as a sound and video designer while also making his own technology-centric live performances.

He is a recent graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts ITP, a graduate program focusing on experimental and artistic uses of technology, where he also completed a research residency. He now teaches there as an adjunct professor with classes focused on live video performance and avatar focused interactive art.

His current artistic research explores how the physical body is represented in digital spaces and how those bodies can be manipulated in evocative and unsettling ways in order to challenge ideas of identity, autonomy, and ethics.

Selected Work