Kameron Neal



NEW YORK | 2019–2020

Kameron Neal is a queer video artist, performance-maker, and designer. His self-portrait Liquid Love was awarded Best of Show at Digital Graffiti Festival, where he returned in 2018 as an artist-in-residence. He is currently an artist-in-residence at Ars Nova’s Makers Lab. His video work was featured in Rufus Wainwright’s recent music video Sword of Damocles. Kameron has also developed and shown work at WCMA, Vox Populi, Cube Art Project, Outlet, Blue Balls Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, New York Theatre Workshop, Soho Rep., Signature Theatre, The Public, La MaMa, and BAM.

Kameron came to artmaking as a black, introverted teen on the Internet. His work explores how we use technology to craft compelling performances of self. He constructs kinetic environments using stop-action photography, video, glitch, humor, and live performance. With CultureHub, he is developing an installation that interrogates his relationship with food, sex, computer screens, and the reclamation of memory. A story is altered every time it’s told, like when his father told him, “sex feels as good as your favorite food tastes.” Kameron’s body can’t handle macaroni and cheese like it used to so I guess sex tastes like quinoa?