Jared McNeill



EUROPE | 2019–2020

Jared McNeill is a performer and creator of theatre, film, and music. He has worked for 10 years onstage and behind the scenes for Peter Brook's international company. His own work has been produced in various venues throughout Europe, with awards of special distinction in England and Italy. He is an occasional teaching artist at L'Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica Silvio D'Amico in Rome.

With CultureHub, Jared will explore the field of telematic storytelling with a research project called the Telematic Embrace. Combining disciplines of digital animation, VR space creation, programming, projection mapping, live interactive performance, and traditional elements of narrative storytelling, the project seeks to further the possibilities of sustained live narrative in a truly digital space. The opportunity is a product of collaboration with the Seoul Institute of the Arts in South Korea, and an artistic team composed of Lee ByeongHo, Kim SeungWoon, Che SangMin, Han DongHui, Kim JinAh, and lead by Andrea Paciotto, Director of CultureHub Europe.