Isabel Beavers


Artist Statement

Paradise 2020 is an artistic and curatorial project that explores climate change in the context of emerging media and technology. Climate change stories are presented through 4d animation, parametric audio, gaming, and drone technology. The work interrogates how media and the circulation of image operates to desensitize the public to disaster stories. It underscores how technology can be simultaneously destructive and ameliorative. Paradise 2020 seeks resonance and progression through collaboration in the face of climate change. Artist Isabel Beavers, Noctvrnal, and CultureHub LA collaborate through artistic production, curatorial projects, and artist-led workshops.


Isabel Beavers is a multi-media artist and educator working out of Boston and Los Angeles. Her work explores ecologies, environmental histories and scientific storytelling through multimedia installation. Beavers’ work has been presented, exhibited, and screened at MIT Museum (2019), Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston (2019), Icebox Project Space (2019), Framingham State University (2018), Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin Thaer-Institut (2018), Mountain Time Arts (2017), Emerson Media Arts Center (2017) among others. Recent awards include a PhD Screening Grant with Aarhus University (2019), Artist Residency at Skaftefell Center for Visual Arts (2018), and Research Affiliate with Center for Arts, Design and Social Research (CAD+SR). She holds an MFA from the SMFA at Tufts University and a BS from the University of Vermont.

Selected Work