Decoder 2017

Presented by CultureHub and La MaMa with developing and commissioning support from CultureHub, Gibney Dance, Theatre Conspiracy, and the Chocolate Factory, with additional support from the Watershed Lab residency at Mount Tremper Arts, with lead support by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Collapsable Hole, The Watermill Center, and Pioneer Works.


Decoder 2017 (2016) is a multi-media concert series where Catlett explores William Burroughs’ Nova Trilogy and his use of the cut-up technique. They have expanded the sound and video system to create a cut-up machine that spans the analog tape technology that Burroughs used himself and the digital technology that he predicted in the 60’s, to replicate the messy and dangerous fusion of human brain with disruptive mass-media technology. The concerts (Soft Machine, Ticket That Exploded and Nova Express) decode the current cultural and political moment by cutting in episodes of this intergalactic space odyssey, blurring the lines between past, present and future. 

Decoder 2017 received a micro-residency from CultureHub and performed Soft Machine at La MaMa in 2016. It is a Creative Capital Project and will premiere at the Chocolate Factory in 2020.

Mallory Catlett - Director
Keith Skretch - Video and Programming
G Lucas Crane - Sound and Video Manipulation
Ryan Holsopple - Interaction Design
Simon Harding - Associate Video Design

G Lucas Crane, Jim Findlay

 | Trailer | 2:44