Turning Your Body Into a Compass

May 13, 2019
Presented by CultureHub and Chaotic Sequence

Immigrant Report, The Light Leaks, Woman Around Town


Against the backdrop of this country’s escalating crackdown on immigrants, Jean, a human rights advocate, and Sophie, a neuroscientist, join forces to sound the alarm over the irreparable damage current separation and deportation policies inflict on children, altering their brain development in ways that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Turning Your Body Into a Compass was performed live as a 360° online experience. Digital audiences can watch the archived production on computers, smartphones, and VR headsets.

A live conversation with the writer, Catherine Filloux, and special guests Erika Andiola (RAICES) and Grahame Williamson (Rights Action) followed the performance.

Catherine Filloux - Writer
Daria Sommers - Director
Daria Sommers & Arthur Vince - Producers
DeMone Seraphin - Theater Director
Associate Producer - Alexa Jordan
Cinematographer - Ben Wolf
Production Assistant - Teresa Attridge

Sangmin Chae - Creative Technologist
DeAndra Anthony - Technical Director
Jean Garcia - Technical Assistance
Billy Clark - Creative Producer
Mattie McMaster - Project Manager

Nadia Bowers, Ruby LIttman, Felipe Salinas, Belén Moyano, Dana A. Iannuzzi, Katlyn Campos, Laura Lockwood, Ivan Uskokovic, Chelsea Davis, Lori Hammel

 | 360° Livestream | 1:15:51