Blair Simmons


Artist profile

NEW YORK | 2018–2019

Blair Simmons is a multimedia technician, storyteller, and artist. She is interested in logic, language, structures, patterns, maps, math, arrows, analysis, arches, bodies, organics, and opposites. Her works have utilized 3D scanning, modeling, and printing, as well as programming. She also has a tendency to create live performative works.

At CultureHub, Blair is researching language as technology. The embodiment of her research is a computer-generated play. Both herself, and her self-created collaborator, the computer program, write this play together. This project culminates in a series of live performances. It is important that this play is performed in a series in order to demonstrate its variability. Every time the program is run, the play text and experience will be different. This project is modeling conversational relevance with natural language processing techniques. Thus, instead of stating, “This is how conversation works,” this project asks, “what if conversations worked this way?” Dialogue, in any form, is constructed.

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