Ari Melenciano



NEW YORK | 2019–2020

Ari Melenciano experiments, researches and builds at the intersections of art, design, technology and culture. Her work often explores how various forms of design can enhance and augment the lived human experience. As both a recent graduate and researcher of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Ari has spent the past few years studying creative computation, physical computing and experiential design. She is an adjunct professor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

At CultureHub, Ari explores the potentials of sound and visuals through the invention and re-imagination of sonic and visual compositions, manipulations, designs, performances and experiences. Work produced during her residency attempts to uncover relationships between psycho-geography and audiovisual experiments, color, composition and space, culture and sound, memory and identity. Ari will design audio-visual in-person and virtual experiences through performances and mixtapes, build audio-visual digital applications, and functional art machines.