Archive: This Was The End

January 5–7, 2019
Developed with production support and residency provided by EMPAC / Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Additional development support from Mabou Mines and financial support from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. 


Archive: This Was The End is at once an artifact and experience — the afterlife of a performance as interactive sculpture. Here, you are the actor, and a wall — salvaged from the old PS 122 community center — is the physical manifestation of a memory of a play, which your movements around and through activate and disrupt. Sound and video portraits embedded and mapped onto both sides of the wall produce a reverse relief. What is far seems near and near, far. The past hypnotizes the present, denying its erasure, to remind us of a life before that continues.

Archive is currently available as a free running interactive gallery installation that can also be activated and played in a hour-long concert by sound artist G Lucas Crane. For booking information, contact

Mallory Catlett - Director
Keith Skretch - Video and Programming
G Lucas Crane - Sound and Video Manipulation
Ryan Holsopple - Interaction Design
Peter Ksander - Set Design

Black-Eyed Susan, Jim Himelsbach, Rea C Wright, Paul Zimet, and G Lucas Crane

 | Archive: This Was The End | Mallory Catlett/Restless NYC | 4:33