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The Electric Imaginary

October 25, 8pm
Asia Society
725 Park Avenue
New York, NY

Composer, multimedia artist, and writer Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky and guest artists perform Electric Imaginary, a virtual cello quartet/installation based on Charlotte Moorman’s collaborations with Nam June Paik in his early multimedia experiments. This new interpretation of Paik’s work includes live and pre-recorded video footage. The evening will also feature selections from Seoul Counterpoint. Originally produced by La MaMa in association with CultureHub, and created with the support of the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Seoul Counterpoint is a composition that explores the resonance of the new urban landscape of Seoul in juxtaposition with New York. Inspired by Nam Jun Paik, Miller collaborates with CultureHub to explore this new urban landscape through sound and image.

Part of the Asia Society Museum exhibition Nam Jun Paik: Becoming Robot (on view September 5, 2014 through January 4, 2015). For Tickets and additional information please visit

The Mirror up to Nature: Reflecting the Environment in Design, Maps, and Theater

October 26, 6pm
RSVP | $5 Suggested Donation

How do different creative disciplines construct a narrative around ecology and environmentalism? This Long Table discussion will include theater director Karin Coonrod, composer Liz Swados, experts in data visualization from Vizzuality, and faculty from the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping. We invite you to join the discourse surrounding the role of art and design in preserving our planet’s vital resources. The Long Table experiments with participation and public engagement by reappropriating a dinner table atmosphere as a public forum and encouraging informal conversation on serious topics. This event will touch on the connections between science, activism, theater, and design and how people working in these various areas are striving to effect positive social change. This evening is presented in association with La MaMa’s production of The Tempest directed by Karin Coonrod with music by Liz Swados, running October 2 through November 2 at the Ellen Stewart Theatre. For more details please visit

Anne Luther (Professor, PIIM, Lab for Quantitative Data)
Cooper Francis (Professor, PIIM, Lab for Quantitative Data)
Karin Coonrod (Director)
Liz Swados (Composer)

Vizzuality's Evolution of Web 2.0

Open Relationship

Part of the Conversations with Iran Series

Recess Gallery, 41 Grand St
November 1, 3pm


A European friend once wrote to me, “I wish your country will open up one day.” What a strange word, I thought: “Open up!” Is it not what the policeman shouts at the door? Open up to what or whom? To modernization? To the global market? To capitalism? To penetration? Or, less aggressively, to adaptation? Or, ultimately, to translation? Or is it just opening up a space, some sort of a void? —Bavand Behpoor, Politics of Opening: Translation as Authorship

Architect and scholar Craig L. Wilkins and the curators of The Back Room, Ava Ansari and Molly Kleiman, will discuss the strategies, challenges, and urgencies for devising proactive and celebratory engagements with marginalized spaces in Iran and the US. The event will act as a coda to the eight-week, three-channel telepresence workshop conducted this spring by The Back Room in collaboration with CultureHub, with participating artists, architects, and writers at Sazmanab Center for Contemporary Art, Tehran; and Mani Studio, Isfahan. The program is supported by La MaMa and The Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art.
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Game Art in the Knowable Space

November 7, 7pm
$10 General Ticket
$5 Artists and Students

The aesthetics of video games are rerouted to create works of art, music, and cinema that subvert game mechanics and the experience of play. Game artist and machinima maker Chris Burke curates a showcase of artists who are using games beyond their intended purpose, as tools for making art. The exhibited works explore the finite, or “knowable,” potential of the programmed game environment.

With artwork from Alex Myers, Annie Ok, Jeff Donaldson, Rosa Menkman, Friedrich Kirschner, Victor Morales, Kent Sheely, and Tom Murphy VII

Performances by Tamara Yadao and mrghosty (AKA Skot Deeming)

The Knowable Space