Special In-Progress Showing: CultureHub 2015 Winter Bootcamp

Special Microresidency Performance >>>>> Codenobi and Wookie

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New York, NY 10012
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Microresidency Performance: Codenobi and Wookie
February 27 @ 7 PM
47 Great Jones, 3rd Floor, New York

Codenobi and Wookie is an audio­visual performance duo manipulating audio signals and writing generative code within an environment of contrasts: experimentation/accidents, surface/internals, and success/failure. Their last project Kessel Run, in which the visuals are live-coded, incorporates a beats per minute (BPM) information exchange to help integrate the audio and visual components. The artists' thought processes are on display, where all of their successes, struggles, and failures become part of the performance - an embodiment of signal and logic. Flirting with catastrophe and exposing the guts of generative glitch art, live-coding, in interplay with performed electronics. During their micro-residency, Lawson and Smith will work towards creating a new audiovisual performance piece, tentatively titled Sarlacc, starting with Kessel Run's information relay system as its formal and aesthetic basis and progressing it into a fully immersive experience. Join us for a special in-progress preview of their work.