Paradise Now? The Living Theatre Re//Mix
Thursday, November 19 at 7PM – Tickets

Komuna// Warszawa invokes one of the most significant performances in the history of political theatre, The Living Theatre’s “Paradise Now!”, It has been 45 years since the Living Theatre premiered their now-iconic piece of 1960s rebellion. In 2014 Komuna// Warszawa visited Living Theatre founder Judith Malina in her nursing home before her passing, and asked what paradise is and how to get there. Come and see what she said and what the company has explored as they reflected on this legacy and asked the hard questions about the current state of political art.


A Conference on the Relevance of Culture / Moderated by Richard Schechner
Panelists: Leah Bahar, Brad Burgess, Grzegorz Laszuk and  Tomasz Plata
Friday, November 20 at 6PM – Tickets

On Fri, Nov 20, as part of Komuna Warszawa’s mini-residency at CultureHub, there will be a panel discussion on the relevance of culture, moderated by Richard Schechner and introduced by Tomesz Plata's presentation about the RE//MIX series. RE//MIX was originally conceived and curated by Tomasz Plata, a longtime K//W collaborator. The premise draws on a musical concept of remix: a creative appropriation of material from previously existing piece and incorporating it in a new original work, which enters a dialogue with the work/artists that inspired it. RE//MIX starts with a lineup consisting of the most important performing artist of the past century, and re-interprets their work from the perspective of people who have been living in Eastern Europe, quite isolated from the American scene. RE//MIXers have built their works from bits and pieces lifted from Tricia Brown, Merce Cunningham, The Wooster Group, and Robert Wilson, among others - and quite often their re-imaging was based on imagination rather than a first-hand experience. This peculiar distance put them in an excellent position to pose interesting questions. What is a canon, anyway? And what makes an artist or work important and influential? 

Dune 1965
Saturday, November 21 at 7PM - Tickets
Frank Herbert’s Dune series is considered among the best works of science fiction literature. Dune anticipates some of the key philosophical and geopolitical debates of the early 21st century, including controlled genetic breeding, depleted energy resources, cultures and civilizations cross-pollinating, religious wars, and the survival of mankind. Based on Herbert’s book, Komuna// Warszawa builds a philosophical theatrical essay about the future. In narrative terms, Dune 1965 is a docufiction describing Herbert’s visit to the Iranian desert city of Yazd. It was there that, under the influence of drugs, the writer supposedly came up with the core of the story. Discovering the “traces” of that visit years later, Komuna// Warszawa offers a contemporary retelling of Dune. Complete with film sequences shot in Iran and scenography designed by the Iranian artist Negar Farrajani.
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