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Physical Computing Open Labs

Lab #1
October 2, 4pm-7pm RSVP

$5 Suggested Donation

Lab #2: Sensor Brunch
Sunday October 5, 12pm-3pm
$5 Suggested Donation

Members of the Queer Art and Technology research group based at Eyebeam, Miki Foster, Erica Kermani, and CultureHub’s S.O. O’Brien, invite artists and enthusiasts to participate in an open lab centered on Arduino and physical computing. Focusing on an in-process design for an upcoming interactive installation, QUAT members explore the use of micro-controllers in combination with large surface transducers and bone conductors. If you are working on your own Arduino or physical computing projects and want the opportunity to work in a more collaborative session or just want to get feedback on your project, come join us in the studio for these open work and skill sharing sessions.

Tagtool @ CultureHub

October 6, 7pm

Tagtool is a free collaborative software for live drawing and animation, developed by the Austrian-based OMAi. The Tagtool crew - OMAi founders Markus Dorninger, Josef Dorninger, and Matthias Fritz - will introduce and demonstrate the latest generation of Tagtool for iPad at CultureHub. Using Tagtool, anyone can use their fingers to draw colorful paintings and then animate them using simple gestures. Audience members can share canvas space with their friends, manipulating other people’s drawings and allowing theirs to be animated, for a spontaneous and expressive digital art jam with audience and guests.

The Night is our Canvas from Tagtool on Vimeo.

I Am Here

October 11, 5:30pm

Eight performers from the University of South Carolina at Lancaster share their personal stories surrounding racism, violence, and loss, as they wait for their passports to be cleared at the Rome airport. In this devised piece, these remarkable students assert their identities through theater, movement, song, and text. Directed by Marybeth Holloway and Andrea Paciotto, with dramaturgy by Catherine Filloux, I AM HERE grew out of a year long process that linked Filloux’s play SELMA ‘65 with students from USC Lancaster. SELMA ‘65 premieres at La MaMa September 26 and runs until October 12. Please visit for more details.

Cipher: Refraction

October 17, 7pm
$10 General Ticket $5 Artists and Students

Artist Giselle Zatonyl will host an evening featuring screenings of video art, live music, and discussion about the internet’s role in art making. Zatonyl was one of the artists awarded a micro-residency at CultureHub during the program’s inaugural year. During her residency, she incorporated real world data from motion-capture and facial tracking software into 3D rendered, fictional worlds. The resulting piece follows a narrative thread from Zatonyl’s earlier works about a hyper-commercial future, and will be premiered during the evening.

FutureMapper 1.0

Projection Mapping Workshop

October 19, 2014, 12pm-6pm
Reserve a spot

Projection Mapping is a technique for projecting onto three dimensional surfaces. It creates illusions of deconstruction and redefines physical shapes by moving away from flat projection screens. Artist and educator CHiKa will lead this comprehensive introduction to creating projection mapping for beginners. Students will learn how to make animations using various techniques and software, and how to map the three-dimensional surfaces. This workshop is intended for the students who want to learn how to develop projection mapping projects for future events, art installations, and performances.

About the instructor:
CHiKA is an interactive visual artist and an educator. She creates a minimalist geometric visual narrative in sync with the sounds of live music performance in addition to interactive projection mapping installations that explore the relationship between visual, light, sound and public audience. She is a creator of a projection mapping workshop marathon, Mappathon, that teaches projection mapping technique to create site specific installations. She has been a resident researcher at Eyebeam, ITP, New York University and an IAC Teaching and Research Fellow for Vimeo.

FutureMapper 1.0

Open Relationship

Part of the Conversations with Iran Series

Recess Gallery, 41 Grand St
November 1, 3pm


A European friend once wrote to me, “I wish your country will open up one day.” What a strange word, I thought: “Open up!” Is it not what the policeman shouts at the door? Open up to what or whom? To modernization? To the global market? To capitalism? To penetration? Or, less aggressively, to adaptation? Or, ultimately, to translation? Or is it just opening up a space, some sort of a void? —Bavand Behpoor, Politics of Opening: Translation as Authorship

Architect and scholar Craig L. Wilkins, writer Bavand Behpoor, and curators of The Back Room, Ava Ansari and Molly Kleiman, will discuss the strategies, challenges, and urgencies for devising proactive and celebratory engagements with marginalized spaces in Iran and the US. The event will act as a coda to the eight-week, three-channel telepresence workshop conducted this spring by The Back Room in collaboration with CultureHub, with participating artists, architects, and writers at Sazmanab Center for Contemporary Art, Tehran; and Mani Studio, Isfahan. The program is supported by La MaMa and The Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art.
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