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CultureHub LA is a Los Angeles based convergent art center that generates new methodologies for merging art, technology, science and education. Founded in 2010 by the Seoul Institute of the Arts (South Korea) and La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club (New York City). CultureHub LA is a part of a network of studios that link Los Angeles, New York City, Italy, Indonesia, South Korea, and beyond.

As a networked space that uses the latest live web technologies to provide an open platform for artists and educators to collaborate on a global scale, CultureHub LA partners with local organizations and universities to develop joint projects, distance learning opportunities, and artist residencies that research and develop new forms of art and technology. We are a place where experimental and creative artists gather to share ideas and learn from each other.

CultureHub LA hosts global internships and educational workshops. Students who participate in the global internship program and workshop intensives are exposed to diverse opportunities in the arts, media, and other entertainment industry in LA, learning new skills and techniques, and expanding networks internationally. CultureHub LA also works to promote the Seoul Institute of the Arts in the U.S. through art and culture exchanges, bringing international students to the Ansan campus.


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The Reef / Maker City LA
1933 S Broadway, Suite 1128
Los Angeles, CA 90007

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