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Analog Synth Dark Circuits Orchestra


As part of Make Music New York, CultureHub will be teaming up with Hans Tammen to create a massive analog synth orchestra. Hans has been working with large electronic music ensembles for more than a decade and we are looking for 20+ players to take part in this free workshop and performance. Together we’ll create a collaborative piece of waves, filtering, noise, and beats. We will be working exclusively with analog synths such as Eurorack, Moog, Buchla, Serge, Tonto and self-designed instruments. As long as it has patch cords and is analog, it’s in!

About the Workshop:
Participating in the workshop is required if you want to perform in the orchestra. Setup will start promptly at 5pm and we will be looking at everyone’s setup to find the best place for each player in the final performance. Then we will spend some time getting familiar with the graphic score. By 6pm, we should be well on our way to making some beautiful noise, continuing to learn the piece and performing it for the public at 8pm. 

What to bring:
-Analog synth, and yes, we’re talking hardware here, so leave your laptop at home.
-Cable to the house system.
-An open mind.

To register for the workshop:
Please contact Hans Tammen directly using the form below:

Name *

About the performance:
The Analog Synth Dark Circuits Orchestra performance at 8pm is free and open to the public, so spread the word and bring your friends! Space is limited so don't forget to RSVP below. 

*Please note, If you are participating in the workshop you do not need to RSVP for the performance.