”Before I came to CoLab I was losing my inspiration. This really inspired me to get back into making art.“
— Jon, age 17, CoLab Student

About CoLab

CoLab is CultureHub's free summer intensive workshops for young artists. At CoLab, students create art & technology projects in collaboration with professional artists.

For students ages 12-14, CultureHub will offer sessions in collaboration with Manhattan Youth. For more information, please visit Manhattan Youth.

For students ages 15-20, CultureHub will offers sessions July 9th-July 20th in our studio. Apply today!



  1. CoLab is completely free of cost.
  2. No experience in art or tech is required but slots are limited.
  3. All workshops will be on-site at CultureHub.
  4. CultureHub is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible.
  5. Metrocards will be provided.

Have questions? Please contact us:  colab@culturehub.org / 917 463 3917

CoLab Video